wear silver
to conquer gold

Fights with you, increasing your performance.
the only sub-uniform created for fencers

The only sub-uniform in the world
with silver fiber fabric created for fencers

The AG+ products are made with a fiber fabric, covered with a layer of silver, which has a strong antibacterial and protective action.
At the same time it is soft and elastic and protects the body from summer heat and cold winter.

Why AG+ Dynamic Fencer?

AG + products are specifically designed, made and tested to ensure that you are always at the best of your sporting shape.
The breathable and antibacterial properties of fabrics and the perfect fit of each head ensure maximum comfort for the entire day of the race.
Radical Fencing Blue TShirt

Higher performance

A stable body temperature means leaving your body greater energy resources for the assault.

Faster recovery

A reduction in body temperature ensures a better oxygenation of the tissues.

Less accumulated heat

Silver with its high thermal conductivity favors the dispersion of heat.

Always at the top

To stay damp even for a short while, your temperature drops too much below 37°, cooling you too much in view of the next assault.

10 years of development

Research and innovation, these are the keywords that push us to always improve.

55 athletes tested

AG+ is born for the fencers, they pick up the ideas for improvement and like them, seek perfection.

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